Why or Why Not Wahiawa?

Recently on a Facebook page some ladies were discussing what area of the island was the best place to live and why. Almost immediately the conversation went from where TO live to where NOT TO live; and the town they were shunning was Wahiawa. For me this hit home because although my home is currently in Hale'iwa on Oahu's North Shore, my first home was in Wahiawa. It was a modest rental. A one bedroom with the tiny half size bathtub common to the area. (If you've ever lived in, or walked through houses in Wahiawa you might know what I'm talking about. They're literally a half size bathtub about.) Anyway, as modest as it was it was the first grown up home I lived in when I married my first husband (we'll talk about that later) and the house I brought home my new born daughter. My daughter is now 18 years old. How the time flies! 

Hearing these critics disparage the town that held so many happy memories for me was disheartening to say the least. I found myself thinking about how far Wahiawa has come over the past two decades. Where a strip club and bar used to be now is home to a modern coffee shop called Surfer's Coffee Bar, as well as a sweet boutique clothing store called Niu, a sandwich shop called Aloha Sub, and an antique store called The Vintage. The best Mexican food I've had (besides the Surf N Salsa food truck in Hale'iwa) is located right in the middle of town. Taqueria El Ranchero has amazing food as well as some of the tastiest margaritas I've ever had! These are just a few examples of the reformation of Wahiawa.

Recently I had the honor of helping several clients find and purchase homes in Wahiawa. In addition to being super close to Schofield, Wheeler, NCTAMS and HMR military installations the homes and condos in the town are affordable (by Hawaii standards). Many of the owners who initially purchased homes in Wahiawa are now in their 90s and sadly are dying or moving to assisted living, being unable to continue living independently. Many of the family members inheriting these well cared for homes have little or no interest in living in them, therefore there is a consistent list of affordable homes for sale in the town. 

If you'd like to go for a tour of Wahiawa (and maybe stop for a coffee or margarita) give me a call! I might already be in the area and I'd love to show you around. Give Wahiawa a try. You might just fall in love...